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Welcome to the site
ZombiePC's is a build, repair, upgrade and service pc company. The company is designed for home and small business pc users in mind. The type of work that can be done can be found on the service page, if there is something that you don't see on the service page then send us a message on the contact page and we will see what we can do. If we don't fix your problem or don't know how to then we will say and you don't pay us a penny as we havent done anything for you.

Coming Soon

07/05/2010 |

We will be soon to release custom software which will allow you to give the program the files to save to a datastick for the ps3 to read.

we haven't got a date or price for this at this moment but hopefully to have it out before the end of june.

Prices and new products

07/05/2010 |

We've updated the PS3 hard drives, the highest the PS3 can handle now is 640Gb which will take along time to fill.

We have lowered our prices for setups of laptops check the services page for more info.


20/09/2009 |

A company took over 20 firewall programs that are out there and did 84 tests on them to see if they cope when being attacked from outside or from within Norton was one of the programs that is listed and it got 66% which sounds good but 5 freeware ones did alot better. The site that has the list is Matousec.com